Our Story

Ambassador coffee has called Sydney home since 1980. Our founder and grandfather, Josip, missed the taste of Eastern European coffee and decided to recreate the taste of home. After years of experimenting, he came up with our signature Minas & Santos blend. Word spread amongst the Eastern European community and forty years later, our passion of sharing the taste of home with our community is still living strong. 


Today, Ambassador Coffee is third-generation, family-run. We, his children and grandchildren, continue to share his passion for coffee and community, and continue to hand-roast unique and delicious small-batch coffee beans in his original roastery, daily. 


Our range has now expanded to over 30 popular blends with beans from Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and more. We also love to share our passion and knowledge to help you create your perfect roast from our selection of beans. So whether you crave a taste of home or looking to create your unique blend, we’re here to help guide you.


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Zelka, Greg and Adam.